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.the absolute me.

xiaowei =)
28th November 1988
Temasek Polytechnic

me is
  - a NCC Cadet Officer
  - a Netballer
  - Basketballer BUT LOTs
    more to IMPROVE..


♥ family
♥ BAO's family
♥ friends
♥ Basketball #11
♥ Netball
♥ Outdoor/Indoor Sport
♥ piercing
♥ bikes
♥ red, orange, green,
  black, white, sliver and gold

.absolute speech.

.absolute wish.

get into TP OCT'08 =)
⇒ invest in a SLR camera
⇒ be a good swimmer
⇒ be a good basketball
⇒ jersey #11
⇒ be a good netball
⇒ to be a canoenist good     dragonboater
⇒ train hard for DB
⇒ wish for my back to get     well and knee
⇒ back on court training
⇒ tattoo on my ankle
⇒ Car license ~
    9th September 2008,
    11.00am -11.44am
    (PASSED!!)retest on:
    13th November 2008,
    1.55pm - 2.40pm
⇒ Bike license when?? =(
⇒ more pooh.. =)
⇒ BAC??
⇒ BDC??
⇒ more ADIDAS stuffs =)
⇒ red oakley sunglass
⇒ more clothes
get a hat
⇒ new spectacle
⇒ new shoe
shark bag =)
new wallet =)
newurban slipper
⇒ mp3/4-which is better?
    - ipod?
    - sony?
    - samsung?
⇒ adidas job.. =)
⇒ learn muaythai
⇒ slim down.. =)

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Sunday, May 9, 2010


adeline!! here i am updating my blog.. woohoo.. :)

looks like its been ages ever since i have update my blog.. yeah eh.. :)

dont know what to update also leh.. only know that this semester going to be a shag semester.. hehe.. going to have lots of assignments and trainings coming up wor.. thats gonna be fun yet at the same time feeling shag..

oh well.. i choose it.. so blame noone and complain noone.. yeah eh..

the absolute posted @ 4:33 PM

Monday, December 28, 2009

finally!! one down.. 2 more to go..

ROAR!! like finally finally 3D assignment 1 is over!! OMG!! one whole night never sleep.. now i am feeling so super tired out of a sudden.. my engery seems to be dying, guess once i reach home there goes me into my lala land.. trying so hard to stay awake and pay full attention to class but i just become more ane more sleepy.. ROAR!!

3D IS OVER!! here comes INMM!! OH NO!! alien havent finish animating yet.. OMG!! so many things to do.. hai.. drowning inside stress pool.. save me save me save me..

first day of school today is to come hand in all assignments.. so stressful.. drowning inside the pool of stress.. dying dying dying..

must buck up and jia you ba.. muahaha.. so exciting tomorrow will be able to go for training like after so long.. last week 2 trainings i all cannot go.. so sad sia.. nevermind tomorrow can training.. woohoo.. :)

a new year coming does it means it will be a brand new beginning of the year 2010 and coming to an end of year 2009 which filled of lots of ups and downs during this year so next year shall be a good year ahead.. woohoo.. :)

the absolute posted @ 12:40 PM

Sunday, December 20, 2009

if only i could..

i wish i could just run away from all these problems that i am having.. leaving all worries behind and live off feeling carefree nothing to worry at all..

i wish such things never happen..

i wish i know how to handle it..

i wish i can solve it..

i wish i can change the whole situation since i am the eldest..

i wish i could help..

i wish i wish i really wish..

the absolute posted @ 9:42 PM

Thursday, December 17, 2009

what a day..

woohoo.. after so long training finally started in fact training started on tuesday already but i miss it as got to do video so no choice got to skip arh.. ya.. so today i manage to go for training went for a run at reservoir woohoo after so long ever since i had run i almost die.. ahaha.. but still manage to complete it.. so i am happy.. hehe.. :) but my knee not very happy cause coming back that time it just went off and it hurts whenever i squat down.. very sian.. (-_-) is like OUCH!! but can can.. :) then had one set of pool rowing then off i go to meet the rest to edit the video.. but lots of ups and downs after completing it.. so decided to film a new one.. so just praying hard that tomorrow will not rain at all ba.. yup yup.. got to hurry complete this and do other assignments as well.. still got so much more to complete.. oh no!! damn..

the absolute posted @ 11:52 PM

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

it looks like, it seems like...

everything seems to be back to square one again.. ahaha.. i have no idea whether i am thinking right this way but dont you all feel it as well.. what said doesnt seems to last.. feeling so tired of it trying to pull everyone together yet this things are happening again.. oh well maybe this is how things work.. should be expecting much i guess.. having high hopes are always making people falling apart badly.. i guess this is the only way things work.. will things work out again? or remaining like what we were in the past? really makes me wonder? hummm...

i hate having that feeling of being in pain and it really sucks when i just have to stop myself from doing anything even though i really hope that time could turn back but it wont.. come on face the reality.. lagging behind is it something nice, getting to see the rest improving but i am neither here nor there it really sucks.. just hope that all this thing has never ever happen but it already happens so there is nothing can be done.. got to just get over with it right?

the absolute posted @ 2:22 AM